The proposed Fitzhugh Concert Venue raises concerns about impacts to water quality, from the facility’s wastewater system to storm water run-off into Barton Creek. Additionally, Shield Ranch, a 6,400-acre, ecologically diverse wildland that is sustainably managed and permanently protected for the benefit of people and nature, is adjacent to the proposed site and makes up 10% of the Barton Creek watershed. Wastewater contains nutrients that will increase algae growth in Barton Creek. Excess algae will impair the appearance, recreational value, wildlife and their habitat, and overall water quality of Barton Creek, which is relied upon by Austinites of all ages. And since 2017, 81% of all sewage discharge plants in the Hill Country, where Fitzhugh Concert Venue would be located, have exceeded at least one of their pollutant limits. If this proposed concert venue were to move forward, the sewage discharge would inevitably surpass its limits, producing significant, long-lasting impacts on those throughout the region.

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