Fitzhugh Concert Venue, located off the narrow Fitzhugh Road, is proposed to have 5,000 seats and host concerts and other events on a consistent basis throughout the year. Fitzhugh Road was simply not designed to deal with that many people and vehicles on that many evenings. It is a dark and winding road that has low water crossings that flood. Our concern is that adding thousands of concert goers — many of whom will likely have been drinking alcohol — exponentially increases the potential for catastrophe. It will also cause additional traffic on the already busy Hamilton Pool and Crumley Ranch Roads. There are only 2,000 proposed parking spaces at this venue, which could lead to overflow parking at nearby businesses and neighborhood streets to accommodate all concertgoers. This could have a ripple effect on neighbors, including significantly lengthening daily commutes because concerts and other events typically begin at peak traffic times after work. Noise pollution also impacts millions of Americans every day, producing a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances and stress. Fitzhugh Concert Venue threatens to fundamentally change our quality of life.